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About Staffsale

06/26/2023 13:45:44

Welcome to Staffsale!

A new grocery e-commerce start-up bringing fresh and affordable produce to convenient locations in Dunedin. Staffsale works directly with local suppliers to deliver fresh fruit, veges and grocery items to your neighbourhood for convenient collection.

Staffsale is passionate about revolutionising how communities access groceries. The idea of Staffsale came about while I was at work and colleagues of mine would often order boxes of meat packs to the office. The packs got shared amongst the office but what stood out to me was that they were of high quality and were fairly-priced. So the origin of Staffsale was born to offer all food categories through this concept. Initially the idea was to service workplaces, hence the name “staffsale”, but with more people now working from home the idea to expand and bring convenience to local communities was a no-brainer. 

Staffsale has collaborated with local businesses (such as dairies and food stores) to act as “community hubs”. These community hubs are the collection points for the online grocery orders. Each hub has its own specific ‘group code’, and this is entered at the account registry so that the groceries get delivered to your selected hub. 

By delivering straight to the community hubs from the supplier, this allows us to offer competitive pricing from essentially less double handling. Our aim is to source fresh fruit and veges from local farmers where possible. At this stage, Staffsale currently has a select range of fruit and veges on offer, as well as a few pantry items. We are working hard to get in touch with more local suppliers to expand our offered range as business develops. 

At Staffsale, we value the importance of community. We believe that by connecting communities with local producers, we can foster unity and support for businesses in the surrounding area. We are dedicated to building strong relationships with our customers and suppliers, creating a more sustainable ecosystem.

Join us on our mission to simplify grocery shopping. Experience the convenience, quality, and community spirit that Staffsale brings to you.

Happy shopping!

The team at Staffsale

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